About Us

Holistic Physio Wellcare is a private Physiotherapy centre that combines traditional physical therapy services with innovative wellness programming.

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The objective of Holistic Physio Wellcare is to provide all patients and clients with the utmost possible physical therapy services in a supportive

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Holistic Physio Wellcare envisions becoming a leader in the provision of autonomous physical therapy services.                 

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Holistic Physio Wellcare for Physiotherapy and Wellness provides high quality physical therapy services with innovative wellness programming.

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Sport Rehab Services

Holistic Physio Wellcare provides physical therapy for amateur and professional athletes including tennis players, golfers, dancers, and marathon runners. We assess, muscle endurance, gait and power. Through biomechanical analysis and assessment of flexibility, form, technique and strength, we determine the source and cause of your pain, or the physical limitation that is preventing optimal performance. The goal is to eliminate your pain and restore your movement, as well as, to address faults in muscle balance and general strength.      Read more


Holistic Physio Wellcare can be a wonderful place to grow, learn new skills, work as a team and interact with hundreds of wonderful people in the community.

Certain skills required, will include the ability to build a rapport with patients and maintain communication with relatives, caring professionals as well as other healthcare professionals, such as occupational therapists GPs health visitors district nurses and social workers

Physiotherapy is a hand on career in every sense. Physiotherapists will need to be tolerant, patient, a team player and compassionate. You will also need to be level-headed, practical and have good communication skills.

If you have the desire to help others, get in touch with us over email.

Email: info@hpwellcare.com

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Holistic Physio Wellcaretic Physio Wellcare Products

Holistic Physio Wellcare provides a wide range of orthopedic, healthcare and mobility products to suit the unique needs of patients and customers. Below constitutes the various products offering at Holistic Physio Wellcare.

  • Bandit - Therapeutic Forearm Band
  • Wrist Supports - Procare Wrist-O-Prene
  • Arm SlingĀ 
  • Knee Braces
  • Elbow Braces
  • Scroiliac Belt

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